Educational Grants

The Grant Process:  From Dream to Reality

The Midland Park Public Education Foundation works with teachers and administrators to supply funds for educational grants. These grants, which are awarded once a year, enable teachers to expand the academic experience of our children beyond the school budget and mandated curriculum.

It starts as a dream…

Teachers and administrators are encouraged to think of exciting and innovative programs and/or classroom equipment they would like to see in the classroom. Once these ideas are formalized, they submit a grant request to the Foundation Grants Committee. The Committee looks for the following in a grant submission:

  • does it enhance and expand the public school curriculum?
  • does it actively involve and stimulate students?
  • is it an innovative or progressive educational technique or program?

And becomes a reality…

The Grants Committee carefully reviews each grant application and ensures that it meets the guidelines set in the Foundation’s bylaws. It is then reviewed and approved by a vote of the full Foundation Board of Trustees. The approved grant is then on its way! Once teachers have been notified of their grant’s approval, they are free to purchase the equipment necessary or book the program requested. All monies for approved grants must be used within the academic school year.

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About The Mppef

The Midland Park Public Education Foundation exists for one reason only: To raise money to fund grants that will strengthen our school system for all our children. By sharing this goal, our community serves as a vital partner with our district administration, the Board of Education, and faculty in providing the tools they need to bring academic excellence to our children.

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