With Amazon.com, convenience and fundraising come hand-in-hand.  This holiday season, and throughout the year, every purchase made through the Midland Park Public Education Foundation Web site at www.mppef.org helps raise money for the students attending Midland Park public school system.  Remember there are more than books at Amazon.com.  You can buy items from toys, movies, music and games to clothing, shoes and jewelry and more.

Simply go to the foundation’s Web site, www.mppef.org and click on Amazon.com link from the home page.  You’ll be directly connected to the Amazon site where you can shop as you normally do.  In order for the foundation to benefit all shopping orders must be completed through the Web site.

The MPPEF is an all volunteer, not-for-profit foundation that supports and enhances new curriculum initiatives and enrichment opportunities within Midland Park’s public school system.

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