This year at the 3rd Annual 5k run to benefit the Midland Park Public Education Foundation, we are proudly hosting a food drive in memory of esteemed and beloved educator, Mr. Leon Varjian.

Mr. Varjian passed away suddenly last September when he was about to enter his 28th year as a Midland Park High School math teacher.  The students, teachers and parents who knew him, knew he was much more than a math teacher to our children… he was a role model.  As the advisor for the High School’s Senate Club, Mr. Varjian helped the students to host collections for all types of charities including: for books, food, school supplies, soup, coats, and toys. He supported Emmanuel Cancer Foundation, UNICEF, Walter Reed National Military Hospital, CUMAC, as well as local churches and this is just the short list of his community service.

In his memory we will be having a food drive for CUMAC, which is a Paterson based food pantry started by a Paterson teacher who noticed his students couldn’t concentrate on learning because they were hungry.  The organization is in need of the following items listed below:

Cereal hot and cold


Canned, fresh and frozen fruit (regular & low sugar)
Breakfast bars


Rice & beans; taco dinner boxes
Peanut Butter and Jelly


Pasta & tomato sauce, tomato paste, cooking sauces
Powdered, Canned & evaporated milk


Canned meals (chili, spaghetti, hash, stew)
Raisins & other dried fruit


Soup mixes
Baby food & formula Snacks:  crackers, cookies, cake and muffin mixes
Canned drinks, juice boxes, powdered mixes


Protein supplement drinks (e.g. Ensure)
Coffee, tea, cocoa & low sodium drinks


Canned soups and powdered
Canned fresh and frozen vegetables Canned meat (tuna, chicken, beef)

There will be a table to collect all food donations on the day of the race, just look for the pink flamingo balloon!

MP 5K Food Drive Flyer 2016 (1)

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